BRD Servo Drive
  • 20-80VDC 20A brushed DC servo drive.
  • Standard isolated PUL/DIR/ENA/ALM interface
  • Pluggable connectors for easy installation.
  • Direct controller support from 3VDC to 30VDC.
  • Flexible mounting "L" chassis open frame design.
  • Ultra-High efficiency. Minimal heatsinking required.
  • 9 LED indicators for easy setup and diagnostics.
  • All digital operation with 32bit ARM CPU.
  • Smooth silent operation. No dithering.
  • Easy tuning with free Tuna™ software for Windows.
  • Safe, easy setup with opto-isolated USB port.
  • Voltage, current and temperature protection.
  • Compact light design - 115x74x20mm and 115g.
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia to IEC/EN 61800-5-1.
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Advanced Control Algorithms

  • Supports modified PI-D (PIV) algorithm.
  • 32 bit ARM CPU with double precision floating point motion calculations.
  • Command smoothing for smoother and quieter operation.
  • Velocity and acceleration feed-forward for higher accuracy trajectory tracking.
  • Stiction (static friction) compensation reduces positioning errors on move starts and stops.
  • Supports all combinations of metric and imperial hardware.
  • Automatic calculation of electronic gearing and step multiplying with no loss of precision.
  • Abnormal condition detection like following error and encoder faults.
  • Real-time statistical motor position error analysis over multiple timeframes.

Easy Setup and Operation

  • Standard isolated PUL/DIR/ENA/ALM interface supports popular CNC software and controllers.
  • Supports CNC controllers from 3VDC to 30VDC without needing series resistors.
  • Flexible wall or base mounting “L” chassis open frame design.
  • Pluggable screw connectors for easy installation.
  • 5V encoder power up to 150mA provided internally by the drive.
  • Accepts differential, single ended and open collector encoders.
  • Easy drive commissioning with free Machdrives Tuna software for Windows via USB.
  • Nine LED indicators show drive states without multimeters or oscilloscopes.
  • In-built waveform generator creates tuning waveforms such as trapezoid and S-profile.

Advanced Power Stage

  • Ultra high efficiency MOSFET bridge requires minimal heatsinking.
  • Silent operation. No singing or dithering.
  • Detection and logging of eight different alarm conditions.
  • Optional power saving mode reduces drive and motor losses.
  • Over voltage protection and monitoring.
  • Output short circuit protection.
  • Intelligent overload protection.
  • Thermal protection and monitoring.
  • High efficiency internal spread-spectrum DC-DC converters.




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